Residential Property

We support you in your search for the right residential property, either as a private buyer or an institutional investor. We investigate property ranging from housing developments and traditional new construction to listed old buildings. Recent turbulence in the financial market has not left us unaffected - it has wrought changes in the German investment market, so that people are now more inclined to sell high-risk investments and to favour security. Financial investment in residential property is one example of the search for stability, according to a GfK survey on investment trends. According to the study, one in three Germans believe it is safe to invest in residential property. Whilst share prices cave in, square metre prices and rents in the residential sector remain reliable. The reason for this is that the residential property market in Germany has long been undervalued. In contrast to Spain, Portugal or Great Britain, there was no buying or building boom in Germany. This has proved to be an advantage in the current economic climate. Prices are stable and, in certain regions and building sectors, even showing signs of appreciation. For safety-conscious investors, residential property is now more than ever an appropriate form of capital investment.