IC Invest-Consult Real Estate GmbH offers the following Corporate Real Estate Management services:

  • Integrated support for prospective buyers and sellers of residential and property
  • Project management (preliminary research into administrative and building law matters, object development, renovation of existing property, property marketing)
  • Facility Management (steerage of technical and infrastructure projects , maintenance plans and measures)
  • Customer management (client information and support)
  • Supervision and assistance with regard to current portfolios, even after change of ownership
  • Appraisal of investment objects (from the point of view of construction and finance)
  • Funding advice
  • Technical appraisal of maintenance and modernisation projects including costing

Under IC Invest-Consult Real Estate GmbH’s umbrella there is a wealth of knowledge on commercial and residential property, ranging from technical and economic survey capabilities through to asset management. Coupled with decades of experience in developing solution strategies in diverse areas of property, especially credit institutions (funding settlements), this knowledge sets us apart.